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Troop 2G was established in 2019 and is chartered by Faith Lutheran Church in Flower Mound, Texas.

We are a very active troop and camp on a monthly basis. We meet every Thursday (except for Lewisville ISD holidays) at the Faith Lutheran Church, 6000 Morriss Road, Flower Mound, TX 75028.

For more information, or to schedule a visit, please use the Contact Us link on the left.

3 miles to 5 miles Trail Hike at Murrell Park - Grapevine on June 9th @7AM

Posted by sbiradar on May 31 2024 - 7:23pm

Hello Scouts,

Thanks to the initiative by our scouts Kylie and Izadora, we plan to for a 3 to 5 miles hike depending on whether you need to satisfy requirement for Camping MB trail meals or if you need to satisfy Trails to First Class 5 mile hike.

Memorial Day Flag Ceremony at The Flower Mpubd

Posted by admin on May 24 2024 - 4:16pm

The Summit Club would like to have about 9 to 12 Troop 2 Scouts there to lower the US, Texas and the town of Flower Mound flags. We would like the Scouts to lower the flags at Sunset while a couple of Flower Mound High School band trumpeters play "Taps", and then the Scouts should fold up the flags. If they would like, they can help with also pulling down the flag polls. Also, we will have more US flags along the south fence along Flower Mound Rd to take down as well.

15 mile Biking at Campion Trail (Starting Location: Valley Ranch Library) - May 27th @ 7:30 AM

Posted by sbiradar on May 21 2024 - 11:10pm

Hello Scouts,

We are planning for a 15-20 mile biking at Campion Trail in Irving.  If you are interested in joining please through the details at the Troop calendar before signing up.

Climbing and Camping at Worth Ranch

Posted by sbiradar on Apr 22 2024 - 10:21pm

Hello Scouts,

Reminder registration for this campout would be closing this Wednesday April 24th. If you plan to attend this campout then you have to attend this Thursday, April 25th meeting as the instructor would be walking through some details that you all need to know before heading to the campout. 

Camping MB Partial Completion Records Needed

Posted by sbiradar on Apr 8 2024 - 7:30pm

Hello Scouts,

As a Camping MB counselor I'm assessing the partial completion for this MB in our Troop by several scouts. Below is the link wherein I would like you to fill in you full name, rank, and enter "comp" only in the columns that you have completed and leave the rest that you haven't completed as blank.

Brazos River Canoe Trek 2024 -Update

Posted by sbiradar on Apr 8 2024 - 7:05pm

Scouts and Parents,

Due to low enrollment as a Troop we have decided not to register for this camp. If you wish to attend then you can register individually through the council website however, scouts need to get approval from Dr. Cox before registering if they expect to get any requirement credits from attending this camp.

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